Established in 2015 July, a solutions company that dwells in the industry of Telecoms, Recruitment, and Construction. Operating in the African market and on a global scale level, assisting third party investors in coming into the African and Asian markets. Currently, a level 1 BEE compliant company, offering consulting services in the recruitment sector, telecoms projects, and construction solutions.

Our range of services is not limited to the supply, management, and administration of requirements, but across a broad spectrum of local and international industries. Jelocorp is driven by a mission to find innovative solutions to meet client’s needs.

National operating infrastructure

Jelocorp comprises an extensive national branch infrastructure across the Gauteng and Western Cape regions in the Southern Africa country.

Scope of services offered

We serve all industries but currently focusing on Telecoms specifically and recognize that each client has unique requirements. Jelocorp has the expertise and flexibility to meet the specific needs of each client. Networking between these divisions plays an intricate part within Jelocorp’s service philosophy. We are geared together to work as one, on delivering a total solution.

Our core business comprises of the following:

  • National Recruitment (blue and white-collar)
  • International Recruitment (USD based, higher critical skills)
  • Implementation
  • VISA Assistance
  • Operations
  • Project Management and Delivery
  • Tender Acquirements
  • Project Investment Liaison
  • Client Meeting (industry-specific) Management


Jelocorp’s operations team is geared towards customer service. Operations are not just a division in the company; they are the heart of it. Jelocorp is broken up into two divisions where one division focuses purely on Project Delivery, and the other focuses on Resource Placements.

Resource placements

An account manager is designated to each client to ensure service excellence and customer satisfaction having an agent on call 24/7.

  • Candidate assessment procedure
  • Labour management to ensure site stability
  • Production focus driving effective delivery of skills placed
  • Client/commercial support
  • Accommodation, messing, and transport management
  • Ad hoc site-specific requirements as set out by the principal contractor/client
  • Timesheet support, sign off and payroll queries
  • Liaising with the client for the scope of work and placement requirements

Project Management and Delivery

This is the division that Jelocorp is currently continuously developing, aiming at providing the best end to end solutions. Specializing from: Telecommunications and Construction.


The other additional specific service delivery solutions which we offer are as follows:

  • Tender Acquirements
  • Project Investment Liaison
  • Client Meeting (industry-specific) Arrangements
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